Welcome to Lily Jade. And for the new mommies, welcome to motherhood! When my oldest daughter was born, I was dismayed to realize I’d have to trade in my beloved designer handbags for quilted cotton, busy prints, and noisy, crinkly, wipeable diaper bags. Motherhood was a beautiful, joyous sacrifice, but why did my bag have to sacrifice, too? Where was the workhorse of a bag that would stand up to the demands of motherhood and give grace and elegance to my most exhausted days?

I knew I wasn’t the only woman lugging around diaper bags that didn’t feel like me, and I was determined to create a bag that women wanted to carry. I started with the basics: a gorgeous leather tote fashioned from the best materials, that would only grow more beautiful with age. This is a bag, I told myself, that I could give to my daughter when she became a mother one day.

I added a 12-pocket, removable, washable inner organizer. No longer would pacifiers and keys become lost in a huge black hole! And, I’d be able to switch the insert full of baby’s things effortless from bag to bag--or from my tote to the sitter and then back again.

And because I wanted my arms to be free to hold my little ones’ hands, I gave every beautiful leather diaper bag the option to be worn over the shoulder, crossbody, or as a backpack.

The response has been overwhelming!

“My Lily Jade helps me feel together even on my most scattered day. This beautiful quality-made bag makes it easy to organize the essentials I need for myself, my toddler, and infant. The versatility of carrying it as a tote, backpack or cross-body style, allows me to keep my hands free to hold on to my little ones. And even better, the rich, gorgeous leather of the bag even makes me feel dressed up on those "sweatpants/no make-up" days!” -Amy C., mom of two

“I'm a mama of 7 beautiful kids. Their ages range from 20yrs down to my 1 yr. old. For the last 18 years I was never happy carrying my old diaper bags around. It was so hard for me to find bags that weren't screaming, ‘baby on board!’ Two years ago, I discovered Lily Jade bags, and now I am the happiest woman/mama carrying them around. I personally am a lover of big handbags. The styles of bags that your company offers truly exceeds my expectations in a handbag/diaper bag. Also, the true beauty of your bags is that they are so functional and stylish for every woman in this world. I'm so impressed with the quality and originality of your bags too!” -Lidia M.

“I'm a mom of two under two and survival for me is centered on organization. I knew when I started my diaper bag search that I didn't want something I'd have to replace with every child or that screamed 'LOOK AT THIS PRINT! I HAVE BABY THINGS IN HERE!'. I tried endless expensive bags searching for something practical, quality and classy. It seems like most diaper bags in a certain price range aren't actually made by parents because they're always completely set up wrong or not built for the wear and tear of every day. I finally stumbled across Lily Jade and believe I've found the holy grail! My Elizabeth is everything and more - the ONE diaper bag to end my search. Obviously constructed with parents in mind - that beautiful leather can take a beating and look gorgeous doing it. The organizational insert separates absolutely everything so even my husband can find things without tearing the entire bag apart. When my toddler shoves it off a bench at the park everything stays exactly where I left it! The endless easy to access pockets are my absolute favorite and the ability to wear as a backpack has saved me from so many unexpected toddler tantrums. Too many times after buying a diaper bag I've said to myself 'if only it had... I love it except... I don't know why they did this...' but not with Lily Jade.” -Samantha B.

“I am a first time mom with a 6 month old and found that most diaper bags were too small for me. I am a definite over packer but I like to be prepared for any situation. I also hated the way your typical diaper bag looked, I was sad that I'd no longer get to carry a pretty purse and wanted to find a happy medium. I saw a lily Jade on Facebook and instantly fell in love. I saved for a while and bought a Meggan and it is PERFECT! It's got plenty of room for mine and babies stuff with room to spare. I'm not totally in love with the inserts though, I feel like there are so many pockets it's hard to get to anything out so I don't usually use it (I'm sure this issue was fixed already with the new line of inserts 😊). I also have a camel Rosie and it too has that designer feel with the diaper bag needs. Over all, I'm not sure I'll ever buy anything but lily jade, even after I'm done having babies. They're beautiful and classy bags that will last much longer than any other bag or purse I've ever owned!” Cailey H.

Women from all over the world have come to find the perfect diaper bag, and have stayed because of the new friends they’ve made on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You have discovered a community of other women who encourage, affirm, and esteem each other.

This Fall, I launched our first community groups with your help. Lily Jade Nourishment & Encouragement community groups meet internationally; our mission is to provide a place for women of all walks of life, ages, and stages, who desire to honor each other and the role of motherhood, providing a kind environment to "nourish and encourage" each other in a small group setting. You can join us here.

My husband, Landon, who co founded and co-runs the business with me, and my daughters Caroline and Madeline, are so thankful for you. You’ve invited us to join you in your motherhood journey, and you’ve changed our lives because of it.

Blessings on your role as mothers and women,

Meggan Wood