Bob Ross Paint Night Date Night

Valentine's is just around the corner! And whether or not you celebrate the holiday of love, we all recognize how important it is to prioritize time with our spouse. Date nights are a way to reset, reconnect, and refresh our relationships. 

We also recognize the times in which we live. We all have a budget and big extras are not usually within reach. Before we talk about the way to plan a evening of activities, we want to also give you some ideas for childcare when you may live far from family or don't have an extravagant date night budget:

  • Team up with another couple-- whether it's once a month or every other month, you can switch taking turns watching kids
  • Find a local church program-- many churches/ preschools offer Parents Night Out for a small fee and you can drop off kiddos for several hours
  • Barter with a teen-- you can offer to teach a neighbor/ local teen a skill (cooking, baking, photography, etc.) or ask about them receiving service hours for free babysitting
  • Wait until after babies are in bed- this is the easiest in theory, but takes a little planning to make a night in special (prep food ahead of time, grab supplies, clean counters or surfaces that might distract you, etc.)

One last idea for cutting cost: If you switch off with another couple, you could even split the cost of supplies and do a similar themed date night. 

Just because you stay home doesn't mean you have to default to Netflix. Nope! Make a new recipe and learn a new skill together... We present to you Fondue + Bob Ross night. 

Bob Ross Date Night

Before date night even happens, make sure to gather all the ingredients you will need. Buy some cheap paint supplies online or from a craft store (many have coupons!). 

Canvas and Paint Date Night

For our fondue, we used this recipe. You can also use broth as an alcohol alternative. Or pick your favorite dairy free dips if cheese isn't your thing. Or make a chocolate dessert fondue

Move locations! If you have more than one eating area, use the fancy formal dining area that usually is reserved for special occasions. Pull out some candles, throw a tablecloth or runner on the table, and make it special. Consider even moving to a coffee table and cozy up around the lower seating area for a fun new setting. Don't forget to mute phones (you would if you were going to a movie theater or play!) and play your favorite moody playlist music in the background.

For the second part of the evening, grab your favorite beverage, a canvas, and some paints and follow along as you listen to the soothing voice of the master himself-- Bob Ross. You can find episodes on Amazon and YouTube. 

Relax and have fun. Remember there are no mistakes, just happy accidents! Laugh at yourself and together. Just be in the moment and follow along (or pause if you need to) as best you can to see what fun end product you end up with. Happy Date Night! 

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February 08, 2023 — Sarah Beaugh