During my first pregnancy, I desired to maintain my style along with the need to be organized.

With limited diaper bag options, I chose a well known designer tote and loaded it with Ziplock bags full of baby essentials!...

but there had to be a better way.
I wanted a bag to carry precious memories beyond the baby years. I envisioned rich leather, plush materials, and a well organized design. Being comfortable toting baby essentials or a laptop on a flight was priority.

I dreamed of a bag that could work at a play date or a dinner date. Deciding that I didn't need a different bag for everything I do.

I began to design one bag that could do it all and look good doing it.
- Lily Jade was created for this.
Your diaper bag dollars go the distance to help moms all across the globe.

Lily Jade believes in elevating the life-giving, more-challenging-than-you-ever-imagined, glory filled role of motherhood.
We partner with Embrace Grace to provide loving and practical resources for women with unplanned pregnancies. Hosting baby showers is one of the many ways Lily Jade connects you to these ladies. Your investment helps moms you may never meet, clothe a baby you may never kiss and creates hope and lasting friendships that nurture hearts for a lifetime.
Your Lily Jade purchases bless families committed to adoption! This is dear to our hearts and we are passionate about championing the women involved in this path. Birth mothers, foster mothers and adoptive mommas need us to cheer them on! Because you shop at Lily Jade, we can regularly bless these families through charitable contributions, giveaways and community support.

“During my ‘hidden season’ of homeschooling my two little girls and raising babies, I was actually living among one of the greatest focus groups in the world, mommies.

Friends, you are my inspiration.

Little did I know that our need for a better diaper bag would create
opportunities to love on women from all walks of life! My husband,
Landon, encouraged my ideas, teamed up with me, and
together we’ve seen Lily Jade grow. We are grateful for
every one of you who have supported us since 2013.
We wouldn’t be here without you.”

And if you are new here, will you join us?