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How did Lily Jade get started?

Lily Jade was birthed out of a need not only for stylish diaper bags but also as means to reach the hearts of women all over the world. During what I call a "hidden season" of raising babies and then homeschooling my two little girls, I was actually living among one of the greatest focus groups in the world, mommies. Friends, YOU are my inspiration. Little did I know that our need for a better diaper bag would create opportunities to love and encourage women from all walks of life! My husband, Landon, encouraged my ideas, teamed up with me, and together we’ve seen Lily Jade grow. We are grateful for every one of you who have supported us since 2013. We wouldn’t be here without you. Welcome to the Lily Jade family.

What’s so special about Lily Jade?

More Than Just A Bag: Your diaper bag dollars go the distance to help moms all across the globe. Lily Jade believes in elevating the life-giving, more-challenging-than-you-ever-imaged, glory-filled role of motherhood!

#LJadoption: Your Lily Jade purchases bless families committed to adoption! This is dear to our hearts and we are passionate about championing the women involved in this path. Birth mothers, foster mothers and adoptive mommas need us to cheer them on! Because you shop at Lily Jade, we can regularly bless these families through charitable contributions, giveaways and community support.

Embrace Grace: We partner with Embrace Grace to provide loving and practical resources for women with unplanned pregnancies. Hosting baby showers is one of the many ways Lily Jade connects you to these ladies. Your investment helps moms you may never meet, clothe a baby you may never kiss, and creates hope and lasting friendships that nurture hearts for a lifetime.

Why the name Lily Jade?

The name Lily Jade is synonymous with the heart of the a mother. Our hearts are soft like a Lily and strong like a Jade. The "Lily" comes from my niece Lily. Also, known as "Lily Pie." This little girl has stolen the heart of our family! The "Jade" comes from my mother’s love for jade jewelry. Both of my sisters were adopted, and I was the "big surprise." My middle sister, Lorie, was adopted from the Philippines where my family lived for several years. My precious mom returned from Asia with jade and other unique Asian artisan jewelry which she still wears proudly. Growing up, I thought her jade jewelry was “different,” but she joyfully explained these were her "diamonds" and her "greatest treasures." Now, as a mommy to two little girls, I understand the sweet memories and love that those “treasures” represent.

Why should I spend that much on a diaper bag?

That’s a fair question. Lily Jade bags are built to last “baby and beyond,” which makes them a wise investment for years to come. We have purposefully designed these high-quality bags to serve two functions: practical diaper bag AND drop-dead gorgeous purse. It’s two bags (and a backpack!) for the price of one, and many of our customers are still carrying their beloved Lily Jade bags well after their children are out of the toddler years!

Cheaper diaper bags can fall apart due to poor construction and inferior materials. They gather dust at the back of the closet because there aren’t enough pockets (that are the right size!) to be actually useful. They can be uncomfortable or inconvenient to carry as you’re chasing after your little ones or running errands. Even if a diaper bag survives all that, it’s discarded as soon as the diaper days are over because you’re so relieved to go back to your beautiful “real” handbag that isn’t quilted and/or covered in pastel flowers.

At Lily Jade, we wanted to create something that would solve ALL of those problems. Striking the perfect balance between function and elegance, your Lily Jade bag is expertly crafted using stunningly supple full-grain leather and top of the line hardware, and comes with our signature 12-pocket “Baby Bag” organizer. This removable insert is easily removable (perfect for handing to grandma when you drop the kiddos off before date night!) and machine washable. We stand behind our bags with a warranty and superior customer service.

Sometimes, the right tools for the job cost a bit more up front. You wouldn’t start an automotive job or an IT task without the proper equipment, right? So why would you approach motherhood any differently?

Still not convinced? Take a look at what our friend Kendra wrote about her Lily Jade costing her just 32 cents a day. If one of our flawless full-grain leather bags is still out of your price range, take a look at our canvas bags or check out the outlet section where we periodically sell bags with minor cosmetic blemishes. Or stay tuned to our social media channels and sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming sales and promos!

Is there someplace I can see Lily Jade bags in person?

As of right now, we only sell our bags online so that we can keep our prices as low as possible for our customers. We suggest taking a look around our social media channels (like InstagramFacebookPinterest, or YouTube) to see our lovely bags as “in person” as the internet will allow!

We also sometimes have special in person “pop up shop” events that are around the country, which will be periodically announced on social media. If you aren’t happy with your bag after it arrives, we do have a 30 day return/exchange policy as long as the original bag is in new/unused condition.

Where is Lily Jade located?

Lily Jade is proudly based out of San Antonio, Texas! Some of our other amazing team members work remotely from other locations in the USA. Your gorgeous bag will ship from one our fulfillment centers located both inside and outside of Texas.

Will my bag be the exact same color as what I see online?

We hope it will be pretty close! Due to differences in screen settings and photography lighting, we cannot guarantee that the color you see online will be the exact shade of your Lily Jade bag once it arrives. Take a peek at our InstagramFacebookPinterest, and YouTube pages to get a better idea of what our bags look like in action!

Which of your bags is the largest?

All of our bags are built with the needs of motherhood in mind, but we do offer a variety of sizes because we know that motherhood looks different for everyone! Measuring by internal volume, the Jennifer is certainly the largest of the bags. The other bags are very similar in volume, but here is the list from largest to smallest: Jennifer, Meggan, Large Anna, Caroline, , Elizabeth, Madeline, Shaylee, Medium Anna and Crossbody Wristlet. The Jennifer, Meggan, Large Anna, and Caroline are fantastically large bags, perfect for moms with multiple small children. The Elizabeth has a wide and long base, which is balanced by a shorter height, making it a great fit for those who prefer a more oblong shape. The Madeline and Shaylee are both superb, deep medium-sized totes with rectangular shapes, but the Madeline is a smidge wider while the Shaylee is slightly taller. The medium Anna can hold ALL the things and still be compact. The Crossbody Wristlet is great for date night or to toss in your bigger bag for quick trips.

Finding the right size of Lily Jade bag for you really does come down to your personal preferences. One thing we guarantee is that our styles are not a quickly passing trend. Each bag will still be sleek and stylish 10 years from now. Classic, functional, and 100% exquisite full grain leather never goes out of style. And our faux (vegan) leather is engineered to outlast traditional faux leather bags.

To get an even better idea of how big a certain bag is, take a look around our InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest.  

Which of your bags is best for cloth diapering?

All of our leather and nylon bags are great cloth diapering options, thanks to their size. You’ll be able to pack more in a Lily Jade, because you can access and organize it better when paired with our Baby Bag Organizer or a set of our Signature Packing Cases.  Many cloth diapering moms and those with more than one little often prefer the Meggan for its extra generous capacity. It really does come down to personal preference and priority, as everyone has different needs and different packing styles!

You can also take a look around our InstagramFacebookPinterest, and/or YouTube pages to get a better idea of what our bags look like.

Which bags can hold a 15” laptop?

Lily Jade bags are great companions for the working woman! A 15” laptop fits comfortably in many of our bags, including Anna in large, Caroline

Madeline, Meggan, Shaylee, Rosie, Jennifer, Lorie, Cailin, and the Ann Marie

I don’t have children. Is a Lily Jade bag still for me?

Unequivocally, the answer is YES! Lily Jade bags aren’t reserved for motherhood alone. We have women who love our bags simply because they are so gorgeous and offer such unparalleled organization! We have entrepreneurs, social workers, photographers, bloggers, knitters, and everyone in-between who use our bags. The removable insert also makes a great organizer for craft supplies! If you are a mom, rest assured that this bag was designed to be your trusty sidekick for baby and beyond.

Does Lily Jade accept custom orders?

We genuinely enjoy hearing different color/style/lining/hardware combination ideas from our creative customers! We are always listening to your comments and ideas, and some of our new colors and products have come directly from customer requests and feedback. At this time we're unable to fulfill custom orders due to limitations in our manufacturing process, so please us your suggestions at!

To be the first to know about upcoming product releases and new color combinations, sign up for our email newsletter and make sure you’re following us on social media!

Are Lily Jade bags waterproof?

Our leather bags are pretreated with a finish that resists water, so they are considered water resistant. If you live in an area with lots of wet weather you may want to consider applying a protectant occasionally like the Collonil Waterstop Spray. As with any leather, lightly conditioning every two or three months with a superb natural based product like Sedgewick’s leather conditioner will keep your bag in top shape will also assist in protecting the bag from the elements.

Where does your leather come from?

The leather on our bags comes from cow hides sourced primarily from North and South America. The finishing process is applied at select tanneries from around the world. Most of our current production is finished at a tannery in New York. These hides are a byproduct of the beef industry.

Tell me about the safety of your materials.

Because your Lily Jade will be spending a lot of time around your precious little one, we definitely understand wanting to know the materials it contains! The factory where our bags are produced complies with REACH Standards. Here are the materials that are NOT used in or on our bags: Lead, Phthalates, Flame Retardants, Polyurethane, BPA. Additionally, there is no PVC on the exterior of our bags. There may be a plastic insert sewn into the bottom to add structure, but this is not exposed. Our leather is chrome tanned, but we use Chromium 3 or less. Chrome 6 is the bad one, and we don’t use it.

Where are your bags made and are they produced ethically?

Great question! Our bag materials are sourced worldwide. For example, much of our leather currently comes from New York. Final assembly happens in our factory in China. Our founders, Landon and Meggan Wood, travel frequently to the factory to ensure the bags are being produced in a healthy environment. We chose this factory because it's well established, shares our view of ethical business practices, and has been a family run business for over 20 years. They hire artisans who are experts in their craft, and it requires higher wages to bring in and retain those quality craftsmen.

Tell me about your Outlet selection.

Our Outlet section is one of our best-kept secrets! It contains discounted bags that didn’t pass our rigorous cosmetic inspection, but still, qualify for our 1-year structural warranty. They may have a nick or two on the leather, a minor stitching mistake, or a slightly discolored spot in the leather. These are minor cosmetic blemishes that do not affect the structural integrity of the bag. Many customers can’t even spot the difference!

Outlet bags are added as they become available, so we cannot predict when they will be added to our inventory. Outlet bags still come with our 1-year structural warranty, but please be aware that cosmetic differences are part of the charm of our outlet bags.

Please see below for warranty details regarding designs qualifying for Outlet Sales;

An outlet is a bag that didn’t pass our rigorous cosmetic inspection but still qualifies for a 1-year structural warranty. It may have a nick or two on the leather, a minor stitching error not affecting the structure, or a slightly discolored spot in the leather. These are minor cosmetic differences that don’t affect the function or integrity of the bag. Many customers can’t even spot the difference!We believe in stress-free shopping: Worried an outlet may not be for you? That’s okay, you may return a new and unused outlet bag up to 10 days after you receive it. We want to you to be 100% happy with your purchase.Outlet bags are added as they become available, so we can’t predict when stock will be replenished. So if you love what you see, don’t wait!


What is not covered: Obvious wear and tear from usage, cosmetic issues, and concerns that don’t affect the function of the bag.Outlet bags must be returned in unused condition within 10 days of shipping in order to qualify for a refund.It is important to check your outlet bag immediately on arrival and return straight away for a refund in unused condition and in original packing. To initiate repair, replacement, or credit, the customer must supply the Lily Jade Support Team with photographs of the issue.The customer is responsible for all return shipping.Lily Jade reserves the right to assess and exclude issues not directly related to the structure/function of the bag.All returned bags will be examined to determine if the issue is a defect or wear and tear issue. Any bags not meeting our defect criteria will be returned to the customer.Our policy is to repair the issue if possible, replacement becomes an option only once the repair isn’t a solution.Lily Jade cannot guarantee that bags can be replaced as outlet stock is limited.In the event that the structural issue has been identified as covered by the warranty but cannot be repaired, an in-store credit will be issued.

Does Lily Jade ever donate a bag to a mom who is going through a difficult time in her life?

It is one of our greatest joys as a company to encourage women who find themselves in challenging seasons of life and motherhood! We do have several programs where we donate bags to moms. One way is through our social channels, primarily Instagram. We also periodically do giveaways with other like-minded brands.

Because of the high volume of requests for donated bags, we decided to do a monthly giveaway on Instagram that allows moms to nominate other moms who are walking through difficult seasons to WIN a donated bag. We have an incredible marketing team that thoughtfully creates campaigns highlighting women cheering on other women.

We want to be fair and maintain a culture of honor with our customers and followers, so at this time our monthly Instagram campaign is the only avenue through which we donate bags to individuals. Please jump in and share your story or the story of another woman you know there!

I have a blog or Youtube Channel and I would love to feature Lily Jade or host a giveaway! Where can I get information about social collaborations and reviews?

We are so flattered that you want to share the Lily Jade love with your followers! Please go to our "Contact Us" page to submit your request.


Do you have a sale or promo code going on right now?

Maybe! Take a look on our social media channels to see if a deal has recently been announced. The first people to know about promo codes/discounts/sales are our email newsletter subscribers, so make sure you sign up for that! If one of our flawless full-grain leather bags is out of your price range, take a look at our nylon bags or check out the outlet section, where we periodically sell bags with minor cosmetic blemishes. There are also privately run Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook. We encourage you to check them out. Just search for Lily Jade BST on Facebook.

I just saw a post on social media that you guys are running a sale, discount, or promotion on an item I just purchased! Can you apply that promo to my order?

Possibly! If your order was placed within the timeframe of the sale, discount, or promotion, we may be able to apply it to your order. To be fair to all of our customers, we do not apply sales, discounts, or promotions to orders placed before the date that an offer started, or to other previous orders. Please contact us with your original order number if your order was placed within the timeframe of the discount.

We are a small but a rapidly growing brand, and once we run out of a style it normally takes a couple of months for it to be restocked. While you might have missed a sale or discount, you can rejoice in the fact that you secured the style and color of your choice without having to wait several months for it to be restocked!

To be in the loop about future sales and promos, make sure you’re following us on social media and subscribe to our email newsletter located on the bottom our main website page. Our email newsletter family get “first dibs info” before anyone else about new sales and discount codes, which allows them to jump on promotions before the most popular styles sell out!

Do you offer any discounts for the military?

We are honored to have Lily Jade bags serving those who serve our country! We offer free shipping for military base (APO) addresses over $150, which will automatically apply at checkout after you enter your military base address.

How do I create an account?

On a mobile browser, you’ll find a link in the menu “Sign In/Sign Up.” On a desktop browser, you’ll see “Sign In/Create Account” in the mini shopping bag at the top right corner of the page. Click this link and then enter your first and last name, email address, and set an account password on the following page. Click “Create.” You should then receive an email confirming that your account is activated!

We keep all of your information completely private, and we NEVER sell customer information to other companies. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I edit my account information?

Sign in by clicking “Sign In” in the mini shopping bag at the top right corner of the website, enter your login information and click on “View Addresses” and edit existing and/or add new address information.

Help! I forgot my password!

No worries! Look at the top right-hand corner of our web page (or look for the little menu icon on mobile) for the mini shopping bag. Inside the mini shopping cart there is a link that says “Sign In.” Click on that, and then hit the “Forgot My Password” button below the Login box.

How much is shipping?

We offer FREE ground shipping for the Contiguous United States on orders over $105! Other shipping options are available for an additional fee.

Do you ship internationally?

Great news! We do, indeed, ship internationally. Shipping fees will vary. You will receive an exact quote during checkout before having to place your order.

International Customers, please note that there could be additional customs charges in addition to your shipping charges with Lily Jade. Lily Jade is not responsible for these charges. Also, all charges on our website are in US dollars, therefore due to differing exchange rates, your card may be charged a different amount than shown.

Navidium Shipping Protection

We now offer expedited claims resolution your order. Our Navidium Shipping Protection offers you "peace of mind" in the event that your item is lost or damaged. Rather than wait for claims resolution through the carrier we will expedite the processing of your replacement. With stolen items in excess of $100, we require a police report to be submitted before we can process a replacement.

Please allow 48 hours after an item is missing before contacting support for shipments covered by Navidium Protection.

Without Navidium Shipping Protection, Lost/Stolen Shipping Investigations can take up to 14 days to process. Once the investigation is complete and claim has been filed, Lily Jade will issue store credit as a replacement for the original purchase.

When will my order arrive?

We are so excited about your purchase with us, and we look forward to you receiving your items as soon as possible! 

To avoid any confusion, please read the following carefully:

Once you have placed your order, please allow 24-48 hours for processing. Orders ship the next business day after processing. 

Please allow an additional 24-48 hour approval time frame to the initial shipping estimate for Klarna orders. Klarna orders must be approved before they begin processing.

International orders normally arrive in about 2-3 weeks after processing. Please note that customs fees will be collected at the time of delivery. 

We offer the following options for shipping:

FedEx Ground - Delivers in 3-5 business days after processing (*Free for orders over $100)
USPS Priority - Delivers in 1-3 business days after processing for an additional fee
UPS 2nd Day Air - Delivers in 2 business days after processing for an additional fee
UPS Next Day Air - Delivers in 1 business day after processing for an additional fee

Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the arrival of your order within the time frames listed above. Once your order is processed and in the hands of the carrier, please reach out to them with questions regarding the service you selected, and their commitment to providing that service in a timely manner should you encounter any delays. 

Once your order ships, you will receive an email with shipping confirmation and tracking number. Weather delays and holiday demands can affect the time it takes for orders to arrive. Please order early to avoid the possibility of items going out of stock or arriving later than expected. 

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions about shipping. All you need to do now is eagerly anticipate the arrival of your lovely Lily Jade!

I received the wrong product.

Oh dear! Please email us right away at with your original order number and a photo of the item you received. One of our lovely Customer Care team members will get in touch with a shipping label and instructions. As soon as we can verify that the incorrect product is in transit back to us, we will place an order for the correct item to be shipped out to you via expedited shipping.

Where's my bag?

If you think your package is lost or stolen you will need to start a Shipping Investigation with the shipping carrier. Also, please reach out to our Customer Care team at  or by starting a chat.

Lost/Stolen Shipping Investigations can take up to 14 business days to process.

If you purchased Navidium Shipping Protection, we offer an expedited claims processing for lost or stolen items.


How do I make the knot tie in the backpack strap?

To see how to anchor your strap so you can use your Lily Jade as a backpack, check out this 45-second video!

I just bought a Lily Jade. What should I do to make sure that it lasts?

Great question! Your leather bag has a water resistant treatment that helps it to resisting water damage and staining. While it’s certainly not necessary to treat and condition your bag, we highly recommend it! Giving your Lily Jade a bit of love every few months will go a long ways to making sure it stays beautiful for years to come. We’ve tested many, many products on our bags, and our favorites are available through our website.

How do I care for/clean my leather Lily Jade Bag?

Our Old English leather is different however and may be more prone to color transfer if it gets wet. The finish on Old English is natural waxes and oils so "naturally" you can expect it to react and wear differently over time. It is what makes each Old English piece uniquely beautiful. Occasionally water spots may form if an unconditioned bag is exposed to excess water or you may have absorbed a spill. In this case, we recommend a quality leather cleanser followed by a light conditioning with our Sedgwick Leather Conditioner. In fact, if you are concerned about weather or absorbing spills, Sedgwick Leather Conditioner is an excellent water and stain repellent. It also works to replenish the natural oils in a leather bag. Use sparingly as your bag will darken according to the amount of conditioner you apply, but it will leave your Old English with a protective coating that will help prevent water absorption.

How often do I need to apply the products?

For leather, we recommend giving your bag some extra conditioning and love every 3-6 months depending on how much the bag is used and the climate that you live in. 

Something (coffee/diaper rash cream/juice) spilled inside my bag… what should I do?

If you cannot get the stain out by spot-treating with mild soap and warm water, we suggest taking your Lily Jade to a local dry-cleaners and seeing if they can help you!

Can I wash the inner bag?

Yes! The removable inner bag can be washed by hand, or machine washed on cold, gentle cycle, and separate from other items in a lingerie bag. Skip the dryer, line dry only!

Can I wash the changing pad?

Yes! The changing pad can be washed by hand, or machine washed on cold, gentle cycle, and separate from other items in a lingerie bag. Skip the dryer, line dry only!


What is your Warranty Policy?

Lily Jade warrants against manufacturer’s defects for up to 1 year after date of delivery for the original order. If the item cannot be repaired, we will replace it with the same style and color of bag. Replacement bags are covered under the 1 year warranty from the date of delivery for the original order; the 1 year warranty does not renew at the date of delivery of the replacement bag. If the item cannot be repaired or replaced, we will issue a Store Credit for use on our website in the amount of the original purchase. Please note that irreparable items will not be returned.

To help our customers understand what is NOT covered under our warranty, here is a helpful list:

Leather Wrinkles: full-grain leather is a natural hide that comes from a cow, and sometimes there are natural marks that come from the cow's environment. We view these variations as the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather, and absolutely normal. Wear and Tear: as you journey through every season of motherhood, bumps and scrapes will inevitably happen...and your Lily Jade is no exception!Accidents: if your child draws on your bag, a strap breaks in a game of tug-o-war, the bag is incorrectly cleaned or treated, something gets spilled on the bag, or any other sort of accidental misuse...Lily Jade does not cover repair or replacement. Lily Jade also does not offer warranty coverage for bags that have been intentionally damaged.

If a warranty claim is made within the first 30 days from the date of delivery for the original order, Lily Jade will provide a return shipping label and ship a replacement bag at no cost. Items returned under our warranty policy for refund must be in "unaltered and reflect limited use condition.”

If a warranty claim is made within the first 90 days from the date of delivery for the original order, Lily Jade will cover the cost of repair and shipping both ways. For warranty claims made after 90 days from the date of delivery for the original order, the customer is responsible to pay for shipping cost to our repair center and Lily Jade will cover the cost of any repair and return shipping. Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs for warranty claims made on final sale and outlet merchandise 

This warranty is transferable to another party. However, we must be able to confirm the original purchaser and order number in order for any warranty claim to be honored.

For our international customers, Lily Jade will cover repair costs up to $50.00 USD by a local repair facility. Customer is responsible for providing a repair estimate and submitting receipt to to receive reimbursement. Be sure to contact us prior to having your bag repaired by a third party. International customers will be responsible for covering shipping & duty charges for replacement items during the warranty period.

If your product falls outside of our warranty period, please feel free to contact us with support related questions.

To start a warranty claim, contact our Customer Service team at Email any supporting photos of the problem along with your order ID number to help us take care of you quickly.

What is your Returns and Exchanges Policy?

We accept returns for refund or exchange up to 30 calendar days from the date of delivery for the original order. Items returned for refund or exchange must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition.”

Outlet and Door Buster purchases are final sale and are not eligible for returns or exchanges. 

What makes a bag new and unused? When you receive a bag from Lily Jade, we encourage you to “try it on." Unwrap it, test pack it, play with the backpack feature, look it over, wear it while you strut your stuff down the hallway and put a fashion show on for your family. Just don't get it dirty or haul it around town for a day of running errands!
Bags that have clearly been used are not eligible for refund or exchange and will be returned to you.

We know it’s difficult when you can’t see or feel your bag “in person” before you buy. However, if you are returning or exchanging the bag because you don’t like the color, size, or style, you are responsible for the cost of shipping it back to us. It’s part of the cost of doing business online, and we appreciate your understanding! 

Also, note that any item received as a free promotional gift with your original purchase will need to be returned along with your bag. If you would like to keep this item, the retail cost of that item will be deducted from your refund when your bag has been processed.

Only items purchased directly from are eligible for returns or exchanges. Returns for exchanges or refunds must be initiated by the original purchaser.

After you’ve reviewed the Return Notes and Exceptions, to return or exchange an item, please send an email to to obtain your RMA # ,return instructions and the correct return address.

Any packages returned COD without proper return documentation from Customer Support will be returned to the sender.

From time to time, we run Special "Sample" Sale. These sales are considered "FINAL AS IS" with no warranty, exchanges, repairs, or store credits.

During the busy holiday season, purchases made from November 15th - December 31st will have an extended return/exchange window, and they can be returned or exchanged until January 31st.

How log does it take to process my return or exchange?

We aim to process returns and exchanges quickly and often do. However during busy seasons, please allow for up to two weeks from the date we receive your bag to process your return. We take great care in inspecting and making sure your bag is in new condition for the next customer.

Privacy Policy

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