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Today we have a fun two-in-one project! We love getting the most out of our time and energy and this fun project is no exception. We bring you the salsa garden! Gardening is a great way to be outdoors, learn new skills, and experience the joy of growing your own food.

Salsa Garden

Including kids in small gardening endeavors provides for a fun learning opportunity while making family memories. If you’re intimidated, start small. That’s where our idea comes in: a container garden! You don’t have to commit large amounts of space to your garden--you can use various pots, and can even plant multiple varieties together in larger pots! If you’re unsure where to begin, check your local garden clubs for additional assistance; many have programs geared toward young children.

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There are a few key elements you will want to ensure you have before getting started:

Spring Gardening Salsa Garden

Containers- plastic or terracotta pots, even recycled wine boxes (just make sure you add drainage holes)

Container Garden Kids Planting

Good Soil- it’s critical to start with a nutrient dense soil in order to yield good produce

Potting Soil Salsa Garden

Seeds- some great sources are here, here, and here

Plants- if seeds are too intimidating or you feel late to the growing season, you can buy young plants at your local nursery to plant until they mature and yield produce

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Sun and water- you may need to experiment and move pots around to get best sunlight exposure, and of course keep an eye consistent watering.

Container Garden Kids Gardening

"What is a salsa garden?", you ask. It's the growing of complementary plants that you can use together to make salsa (or even marinara)! They also happen to the among the easiest to grow! They would include:

  • Tomatoes- the backbone of salsa; the tomato provides the canvas for any salsa creation
  • Peppers- this plant gives the zest and kick we know and love in our salsa; try multiple varieties (sweet and hot) per batch for extra depth of flavor
  • Onions- this all purpose kitchen staple boosts flavor in any amount
  • Cilantro- this distinct herb used in lots of Mexican cooking adds an authentic flavor profile to any salsa

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You can add more fun by starting a garden club with friends. Make stronger connections to concepts by adding in stories and picture books about gardens and gardening. 

Garden Story Time

Garden Story Time

Even if salsa isn't your thing, you can try growing flowers from seeds. They are also a delight to watch sprout, bud and bloom. It's also a double delight to share with others from your garden. Whether fruits, veggies or flowers, the satisfaction of having something to show from your own efforts is well worth the attempts to  grow your own garden no matter the size.

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May 02, 2022 — Sarah Beaugh