Lily Jade Insert Hack

Perhaps your school year has had some starts and stops? You are in good company! Ours has a well. But hopefully you are in the swing of things by now for the most part. If you're still trying to find a rhythm with your little ones at home, we have a great solution to offer! Insert another hack with our Lily Jade Insert.

Toddler Activities Busy Bags

We've shown you some great hacks for using our Lily Jade insert. Today, we bring you the Activity Table. This is a great way to gather multiple activities, supplies, and snacks to focus your little one in an area.

Busy Bag Toddler Preschool Activities

Toddler Busy Bag Lily Jade Insert

Whether you have a dedicated playroom, or just a small corner or child's table, this solution works anywhere... even on the go!

Board Book Activity Table

The ability to play by oneself is a learned skill that has to be practiced. Don't give up or lose patience if your little one has trouble sitting for any amount of time at first. You have to introduce the idea, demonstrate for them, and then practice. This could be a set time every day (for morning time, after lunch, after nap, during dinner prep, etc.). Or it could just be a few days a week. 

Playtime Quiet play

Dot markers play table

The activity table and stools here are from IKEA. Little activity tables make kids feel big and in charge as they truly love their independence. 

IKEA stools play table

The flexibility of the Lily Jade insert allows you to rotate activities and snacks making playtime fun and exciting. Some activity ideas include play-doh, colored pencils, paper and stamps, or even dot markers. Snacks and books can also be included. 

Preschool Playtime

Toddler Play time ideas


Preschool Activity

One fun, cheap activity is having a play ice cream table! With simple Dollar store shaving cream cans and a couple of drops of your favorite food coloring, you can have a fun cheap activity that will keep your child engaged for a long time! 

Play ice crfeam


Play ice cream with shaving cream

Preschool activity

Shaving cream fun

Another great solution to corral little pieces or smaller toys is our packing cases. You can keep them organized within the tote or easy to grab and go for carpool line, doctor's offices, or running errands. They come in an assortment of colors and you can even color code your toys by child or by toy type! 

Lily Jade Packing Cases
Lily Jade Organization


Lily Jade Packing Cases

With all the new ways we have had to adapt for work, school, and play this past year, we’ve got loads of versatile ideas how to use your insert in a variety of ways:

  • For an easy work at home organization solution
  • For an organized distance learning station
  • For preschool/ toddler “quiet play time”
  • For a diaper changing caddy that can be moved easily around the house
  • For a travel caddy in your car
  • For a hobby bag-- keep your yarn, stamps, drawing pads, etc. in one place
Lily Jade Insert Hack

Stay tuned as we will be featuring more ideas on the blog! How do you like to best use your insert for an out-of-the-box solution for everyday needs?

October 21, 2021 — Sarah Beaugh