Weekend Getaway, Daycation

For some, it can seem that January is right in the middle of the winter doldrums. But we can choose to put on our rose colored glasses and find a fun twist on an otherwise dull weekend. Plan a Daycation or weekend "getaway" with the family to change up the routine and reset your family dynamics.

Camping, Picnic, Family Fun

Picnic, Game time, Family Time

Whether it's buying a new board game, or trying a new food, you can turn a simple novelty into a fun new experience. Check out local hiking and parks you can try, or plan a fun picnic at a new locale. Geocaching is another fun activity for most ages. 

 Geocaching, Picnic, Hike, Camp, Daycation

Picnic, Hiking, Camping, Weekend Getaway

Make it fun! You can invite friends or family to join you on your adventure because as they say, "The more the merrier!"  Even if you're outdoors, you can bring extra entertainment to enjoy such as cards, dominoes, checkers, bocce ball, frisbees, horseshoes, balls, or even a leisurely read. 

 Picnic, Hiking, Camping, Weekend Getaway

Picnic, Hiking, Camping, Weekend Getaway

You can also up the fun factor with food- cozy snacks, sweet treats, and warm drinks will sure to be a hit while you make memories together. Bringing along "vacation food" will make your day feel more special. Consider packing  a thermos of hot chocolate, hot cider, or chai, and you can save more than a few bucks by skipping the drive-thru. Make it potluck if you're meeting up with others and it makes the packing easier! 

 Picnic, Hiking, Camping, Weekend Getaway

Picnic, Hiking, Camping, Weekend Getaway

Picnic, Hiking, Camping, Weekend Getaway

Bring hearty snacks and treats that you wouldn't otherwise have in your regular routine- whether it's chips, popcorn, yummy dips or s'mores, toffee, or even homemade cookies, you can make this day special. Lily Jade Tip: You can use our insert to organize your gear and pack for the day!

Lily Jade insert; picnic; snacks

Lily Jade insert hack

Mark your calendar. We all know that even the best intentions can go unexecuted if we don't plan and set our intention to do the thing we set out to do! So, mark your calendar and set aside time to go. Get your spouse and kids excited about it as you plan things. Talk about what you each want to do that day. 

 Weekend Fun; Family Picnic

Think about an alternative. If the weather turns inclement, consider a backup plan, location, or activity, so you don't have to abandon plans altogether. You can still make the most of your time together even if the details are different than you imagined. 

 Weekend Family Fun, Getaway, Picnic

Whatever you do, make sure to do it with the ones you love! Happy Getaway!

January 21, 2022 — Sarah Beaugh