Water coloring, moms night out, baby shower activity, wedding shower activity, handmade crafts

Isn’t it amazing how we have all adapted to new ways of connecting with each other? When locations and events started shutting down, people found a way to still “see” each other. Celebrations happened “together while apart.” Gatherings became more intimate. Book clubs, meetings, and prayer groups went virtual. 

water color, baby shower activity, virtual moms night out, step by step painting

We know we have to be just a little extra creative these days when it comes to getting together, but the extra step makes it so worth it. As your summer may be drawing to a close, we wanted to offer another fun idea that is versatile for all ages! Whether it’s for you and your friends, your kiddos friends, cousin camp, or even multi-generational (get Granny involved too!), we think a watercolor painting party is a great way to sign off from summer. For those that might be distance learning at home, you could also do this for extracurricular fun!

moms night out, virtual party, baby shower activity, water coloring, homemade crafts

You get to decide the details! Indoors or outside? In person or virtual? The combination of possibilities is endless. Consider including a potluck and make it a full blown soiree, or keep it simple and enjoy the process. If you’re wondering who is going to teach this class, that’s where we come in! We’ve got a whole list of great resources for you to use, so make sure to read to the end! 

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water coloring, moms night out, virtual party, baby shower activity

After you have nailed down the specifics of the who, when, and where, make sure to gather your supplies:

  • Watercolor palette-- easily found online or at Hobby Lobby stores
  • Watercolor paper-- don’t get overwhelmed with all the kinds and choose a simple pad
  • Watercolor brushes-- yes, there are special ones!
  • Jars or glasses-- for water to clean brushes
  • Plastic Tablecloth-- you may want to protect your table 

baby shower activity, wedding shower activity, water color party, moms night out, virtual party

Baby shower activity, water coloring, virtual party, moms night out

Next, spread out and divide supplies so they are easily accessible by participants. For an online, YouTube tutorial, you may want to assign someone to be in charge of all things tech (pausing and replaying as needed). 

wedding shower activity, water coloring, virtual party, baby shower activity, moms night out

Get started and don’t be afraid to mess up! Watercolor is tricky, but fun. Having someone walk you through step by step makes a new skill less intimidating. If you have an artistic friend, invite them to give instructions-- this would be a fun way to showcase their skill set! If you know a local artist or art teacher who would be willing to come for a small fee, consider supporting local creators. However, if those aren’t options, we have some fabulous online tutorials to share with you as well. 

wedding shower activity, water coloring, virtual party, baby shower activity, moms night out

Jenna Rainey is a fabulous artist who has generously posted tons of free content on her YouTube channel. You can check out a couple tutorials here:

Watercolor Anemone

Watercolor Rose

Watercolor Peonies

Trupti Karjinni is a lovely artist and paint maker. You can join Skill Share for free and view some of her tutorials:

Click here For Landscapes and Mountains

wedding shower activity, water coloring, virtual party, baby shower activity, moms night out

Creative gatherings are fun. You can branch out and do hand lettering, crocheting or knitting, cross stitch, or many other types of workshops. If and when you host your own creative gathering, please tag us @lilyjadeco on Instagram. We can't wait to see the fun!

August 03, 2020 — Meggan Wood