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Do you know what to expect when you’re expecting? Have you been religiously reading the book with the same title for the past several months? While we could chat all day about the joys, aches and pains of pregnancy, today we wanted to give you some reassurance that can help you feel prepared for when it’s time for baby to come. Whether it’s your first time or not, we can all get “Mommy Brain” when it comes to remembering important things.
So we have provided you a free printable checklist to get you ready for packing up for the hospital or birthing center!

hospital packing list, labor and delivery, first time 

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hospital packing list, labor and delivery, 

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No doubt you have heard rave reviews about our Caroline bag. This bag is so roomy and versatile, it can carry stuff for mommy overnight, all the baby gear, or be a bag dedicated to electronics and entertainment. But have you seen our Jennifer bag? It’s the perfect weekender style bag to hold all the gear for baby and Mama.

hospital packing list, labor and delivery, motherhood, leather diaper bag
Let’s talk about all the essentials you will need. First, clothing for you: Lots of people like their own gown, but the hospital will also have some available (you may want to wear that for labor, and change into your own later). A robe can be an extra layer to provide easy access for nurses needing to check vitals, or nursing baby when it’s feeding time. Hospital rooms can get chilly! Having your own socks, as well as shoes to shuffle around the room (or shower) in, helps keep you feeling comfortable. When planning for your going home outfit, don’t pack your pre-pregnancy clothes. You can still look cute and put together in some leggings and a tunic, a flowy maxi dress, maternity jeans and maternity top without sacrificing comfort.

Hospital Packing List for moms, comfort items

  • Comfy gown or robe
  • Socks/ Slippers
  • Flip- flops/ Shower shoes
  • Extra underwear
  • Nursing Bra
  • Going Home Outfit – you’ll want something loose and comfy!

hospital packing list, labor and delivery, first time mom, leather 

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Don’t forget toiletries! This isn’t a hotel, so you will want to bring any and all toiletries needed during your stay! A few suggested items...

Hospital Packing list of toiletries items for labor and delivery:

  • Lip balm
  • Ponytail holder or headband
  • Flannel or fleece
  • Toothpaste/ toothbrush
  • Soap
  • Lotion
  • Breast pads + nipple cream
  • Makeup
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush
  • Dry shampoo (in case you can’t shower right away).

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During Labor, you may want an array of options for comfort and calm as well as techy diversions. Here we offer a list of comforts from home that sometimes we may take for granted, but are so thankful for when we have access to them.

hospital packing list, labor and delivery, motherhood, backpack 

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Hospital packing list for labor and delivery: Comfort Items

  • Pillow
  • Snacks + Mints / Gum
  • Glasses/ Contacts
  • Earplugs + Eye Mask
  • White noise maker or sound machine
  • Essential oils
  • Books, magazines, movies downloaded on your device
  • Phone + earbuds + charger
Now that you have your essentials squared away, let’s not forget to pack up for baby! You don’t need as much as you might think. You will likely receive a blanket and hat for the baby from the hospital as well as diapers and wipes (don’t forget to take any extras home with you! They are yours to keep!). Since you really won’t know how big your baby will be, sometimes it’s good to plan on bringing two different sized clothing options (ex: preemie or NB; NB or 0-3). Pro Tip: Go ahead and wash all clothing and blankets before the baby comes. That way you will have what you need ready to go when it’s time.

Hospital packing list for baby during labor and delivery

  • A swaddler (keeps baby cozy)
  • 2-3 Footed Outfits (sleepers/ zip up onesie)
  • Going Home Blanket
  • Going Home Outfit
  • Hat
  • Diapers + Wipes
  • Car Seat + Base

hospital packing list, labor and delivery, mommy must haves,backpack diaper bag, 

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That about rounds out our list of “must-haves” for packing your bag! What would you add to the list? Tag your bag with @lilyjadeco as we would love to see how you pack up your essentials! You can get your FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLIST here.

hospital packing list for labor and elivery
We’re here cheering you on as you get ready for the new adventure called Motherhood that awaits you!
hospital packing list, labor and delivery, motherhood, backpack 

diaper bag, leather diaper bag

August 13, 2020 — Meggan Wood