Friendsgiving/ Holiday Party
Do you love this festive time of year? The time where friends and family gather together. While it can be easy to get caught up in the details of the festivities, it doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming. Sometimes the most memorable and pleasurable gatherings are the ones where we keep it simple. 
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Whether you call it a fall party, friends giving, or holiday hang out, the best way to make memories is to gather your people for a night of food and fun. The elements of an enjoyable evening includes a simple meal, a sweet treat, and fun activity.
Some ideas for the menu could include a potluck where friends sign up to bring a dish. Another way to streamline the evening is to keep choices limited. A pot of chili or soup a crock pot of stew.
Chili Night
One pot meals are both nourishing and comforting to those who eat and prepare it. There are many recipes that are allergy friendly with the option of various toppings to customize the meal. A simple salad with side of bread option is all you really need for a one-pot meal.
Fall Party
While movie nights are fun, consider other alternatives such as board games, card games, charades, ping pong tournaments, darts, yard games, and even the quintessential fire pit. Instead of bobbing for apples, try "bobbing" for apple cider donuts for a fun twist on a classic!
Bobbing for apples
Fall Harvest Party
Offer multiple activities for various age ranges. Your guests can gravitate to where they feel most comfortable. 
Some fun ideas for making an inviting backyard soiree include blankets, foot warmers (found at the dollar store), and don't forget s'mores ingredients. Pulling out all the ingredients ahead of time makes the hosting process less stressful.
Fall Checkers
You can place ingredients in separate bowls and then transport on a serving tray. Or make a dessert board (not unlike our snack board!) Where guests can easily grab what they need.
Dessert Charcuterie
With the beginning of school breaks as schedules wind down, it's the perfect time to schedule a get-together. It forces us to slow down, tidy up, and invite others in. Reminding us of what is most important. 
So, what are you waiting for? Make the invite, send the text, make it official with an evite. Whatever you do, mark it on your calendar! 
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November 18, 2022 — Sarah Beaugh