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We can all agree, summer looks different this year. Maybe it's felt like an "eternal summer" and the fun activities at the start of the quarantine have lost their luster and now you are wondering, "What else can we do?"  You are not alone! This sentiment is shared across the globe.

We have a fun way to incorporate a visit to your local farmers market or even grocery as a weekly "adventure" to maximize family time. Follow along as we share creating fun that will last the entire day. 

Your local Farmers Market awakens the senses with fresh air (gently filtered through your face mask), new sites and smells, and awakens the hearts of our family creating sweet summer memories with extra benefits. For the picky eater in your family, one major benefit is to let your little one venture out and pick out a couple of their own options. The curiosity of getting to eat what they picked may help them try something new! Another benefit of a trip to the farmers market is maximizing family time. This requires a little planning but it's so worth it. Allow us to help.

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Before you even begin to pack your bag, if your children are old enough, search Pinterest together for 1) something everyone can enjoy eating and 2) something everyone can enjoy creating. Make a list of the ingredients each family member will gather at the Farmers Market.

Next, review this checklist of "What to Bring to The Farmers Market" as you pack your bag for the day.

  • A backpack with comfortable straps
  • Water bottle and a few tiny ones for the little's
  • Sunscreen
  • Diaper's /Wipes
  • Bug spray (especially if you live in Texas like we do)
  • Shopping list
  • Reusable bags for produce or a crate
  • Thank you notes for the Farmers and local vendor's. It's a sweet way to give away encouragement. You can have your kids add stickers, sign their names etc..
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You arrive to the market with bags and baskets in hand. Your children will help select items from their list and will look forward to trying the new things they pick out all by themselves.  Also, when returning home, pairing condiments and dressing for dipping is another trick to encourage them to try their new fresh items.

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cooking with kids, recipes for kids, activities with kids, shelf cooking, farmers market,

If the kiddos have energy left, maximize family time back at home prepping your fresh finds together for your recipes. Food prepping as a family gives the kids the "I cooked this" feeling. So pull up a stool, and let them help wash, pick, slice (err maybe not, age depending), or transfer food to a serving bowl or platter.  

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cooking with kids, activities in the kitchen with kids, recipes for kids

After a day at the market and time in the kitchen, you can slice the pie that was created with love, dance to music, watch a great movie, play a board game, or take a much needed nap! We think simple summer memories are as sweet as pie!

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July 20, 2020 — Meggan Wood