Dessert tablescape for baby showers and birthday parties.We are all looking for ways to connect these days and we have the perfect idea for a casual get together-- A flower arranging party! We are including a FREE printable you can use to send home with your guests. This event can be done on your back deck, in your kitchen, at a long dining table, or even a commercial venue. You can even do it virtually!

Printable instructions for flower arranging party for baby showers, birthday parties, etc.

Flower arranging can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are willing to experiment and have a little fun, you might find that you like an organic, natural aesthetic, and your entire family enjoys the end result. Thankful we don’t need to be an expert to try something new and fun!

Below, we share a step by step guide to flower arranging and hosting this style of get together, learn something new, and walk away with a beautiful floral arrangement. Don’t forget this can also be done virtually. Keep in mind that these guidelines can be tailored to your specific needs. Do what feels easiest for you and your friends. There is beauty in simplicity.

Here is a quick checklist of supplies to prep for your gathering:

  • Invitations- you can assign guests to each bring a ”bunch” of specific types of flowers and foliage and/ or even a container. You can also organize a potluck type sign up to ensure you have a sufficient quantity and variety of flowers.
  • Supplies- you will want to gather supplies (borrowed or purchased) for the event-- Florist wire, floral tape or foam, twine, and scissors (one per guest). 
  • Prep- You can print out photos of arrangements as inspiration for your guests, you can even print up a simple guide to follow (see our printable included!), cover surfaces with brown craft paper, and don’t forget drinks and snacks!

Fresh flowers for parties, baby showers, weddings.


Party Suggestions:

Containers- you can use anything your imagination fancies from inexpensive mason jars to thrifted or collected vases (milkglass, copper/ brass pots, glass jars) or even floral buckets from a wholesale supplier. You can choose a variety of containers for your guests to choose from or have a uniform option to keep things simple.

Tall metal buckets for floral workshop party. How to instructions included.

Supplies- You can use floral foam as it's easy to use and keeps your flowers in place. But it can get pricey if you are buying all the supplies. A cheaper alternative is to use tape making a grid across the vase. Don’t forget to florist wire, twine, and scissors (one per guest)!

Printable guide for floral arranging party with table setting.

Party- Whether homemade or store bought, consider offering a few sweet treats. Or enlist the help of your friends who love baking! You can accompany treats with tea, coffee, or a refreshing complimentary flavored fruit water. 

Floral Arranging Guidelines:

1. Start with the foliage! Don’t forget to add your greens first. Pull off any leaves that will be below the waterline.
2. Start with one focal flower and then consider varying the size and color of blooms.

Floral arranging party with printable guide.

3. If you don’t have floral shears, kitchen shears are sufficient. Just make sure to cut flowers at an angle. This allows the blooms to drink in more water.
4.If you’re struggling with heavy or droopy blooms, try this trick-- you can use floral wire by sticking it in the top of the flower and then wrapping the wire the rest of the way down the stem and finish by covering with floral tape
5. Have fun! Play around with height, color, size and enjoy designing a one of a kind living art piece!

Flower arranging tutorial with printable guide.

We hope you’re inspired to try something new. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

Finished floral arrangement for floral party printable.

Don't forget to download your printable How To Guide here.

July 01, 2020 — Meggan Wood