Labor Day Road Trips + Lily Jade Tote Hack

Holiday weekends are always a great time to take advantage of the extra day for mini excursions. Whether you're camping, heading to the beach, planning to hike some trails, or going to visit grandparents, we've got a great Lily Jade Hack for your tote insert. If you haven't seen our previous posts on ways to use your insert, make sure to check them out (see below)! 

Labor Day Road Trips + Lily Jade Tote Hack

Once you have graduated out of the bottles and bibs phase, you may be  wondering what to do with your Lily Jade insert tote. We have found so many useful ways to repurpose this organizer, that you will never not want to use it. 

Packing Hack for travel with kids

We have found two great ways to use the insert as a travel tote. Make sure to pin and save this for future road trips or holiday travel. The first way is a car organizer. This tote fits perfectly next to or in between car seats for easy access to all the road trip entertainment and snacks you could possibly need. From books, toys, dolls, and electronic devices to water bottles, snacks, and treats, this insert is a workhorse to easily gather up all your traveling needs. 

Road Trip Travel with kids

Travel Hack with kids

The second way is as a trunk organizer for all your social engagements. You can keep a picnic blanket, bug spray, sunscreen, wipes, and extra change of clothes in the way back in case you have a spontaneous park day or even a regular weekly meetup. Don't forget a first aid kit or adhesive bandages as well! A mommy must-have with energetic, active kiddos.

Travel Organizer

Trunk Organizer

Picnic Tote

Did you know? We have tweaked and upgraded our patented design over the years. Our organizer insert is machine washable, has a top zipper closure, two insulated interior bottle pockets and a front anti-microbial zipper pocket.

Lily Jade Organizer 3.0

Our new insert fits perfectly in the Meggan, Elizabeth, Shaylee, Lorie, Madeline, and Jennifer. It also comes in our signature jade lining color and the choice of either gold hardware or silver. We’ve got loads of versatile ideas how to use your insert in a variety of ways:

What ways have you found you love using your LJ tote? Tag us on social media using the hashtag #LJtotehack

August 31, 2022 — Sarah Beaugh