Lily Jade Spring Collection 2022

We are so excited to share with you, our community, our newest release bags for the season! Some of you caught our Sneak Preview a couple months ago, and have been patiently waiting to see the new line. Well, wait no more! It's Christmas in April.

Lily Jade Brittany Snake Gold Natural 

We have paired some of our newer styles along with a few classics in new, fresh color options. 

 Lily Jade Spring Collection 2022 Shaylee

First up, we have our classic backpack, Anna (in large) brought to you in our newest Old English color, sand. If you're unfamiliar with the Anna Backpack, it is smartly designed to perform as two bags in one!

Lily Jade Anna Large Natural Sand

Anna Large Natural Sand

To provide ideal packing options, Anna’s interior is divided in half and the back half fully unzips down the whole length of the bag. Now you can separate and organize your baby gear, work materials, gym clothes and everyday items into their designated side of the bag.

Lily Jade Anna Large Backpack Old English

Anna Large Backpack Old English Leather

Next up, we have our newest sleek pack in faux leather snake print! You'll notice right off, that we redesigned the shape of our around-the-waist pack.  Instead of one large compartment for stashing items, we have large, medium, and small separately zippered pockets to provide plenty of room for things while keeping you organized.

Sleek Pack in snake

Sleek Pack in snake

We ditched the crescent shape which unflatters a lot of our mommy shapes, but kept the easy hands-free design of a multi-layered pouch. It even comes with an extended waist length for every season of life! This fun print makes a perfectly distinct accessory to any outfit. 

Sleek Pack in snake 

Sleek Pack in snake

We also are offering the Brittany in snake print! We of course used our luxurious vegan leather with LJ quality enhanced durability and plush stain and water-resistant liner. Our medium carryall tote has perfect-sized side pockets and also converts to backpack carry. It's quickly becoming a crowd favorite.

 Lily Jade Brittany Snake Tote

Lily Jade Brittany Tote

Lily Jade Faux Leather Snake Print

Next we have the Caroline (the big sister to the Brittany!). Our maiden faux leather bag was launched with a very enthusiastic response from our community. And what's not to love?  This gorgeous light-weight bag converts easily and boasts an ergonomic, permanently anchored, padded vegan leather back straps that disappear completely (zipped up in the back and tucked in at the bottom) when not in backpack mode. 

 Caroline Sand Old English

In this newest release, we are offering the Caroline in our Old English Leather in sand, as well as our luxurious vegan snake print . The sand color is a lighter, fresher look without sacrificing the quality of Lily Jade leather.

Lily Jade Caroline Sand Old English Leather Backpack Convertible Bag

Lily Jade Caroline Old English

The beautiful faux leather snake print is the perfect neutral accent for any wardrobe. It looks wonderful paired with other neutrals such as grays, tans, and creams. but it also looks stunning with pastels and brights alike. This neutral pattern pairs well with other patterns (see pinstripe dress below) and is sure to be a hit no matter your wardrobe style. 

Lily Jade Caroline Snake Print

Lily Jade Caroline Snake Print

Lily Jade Caroline Snake Print


And finally, we are also offering our popular Shaylee in Old English Leather sand color which is lighter than our camel color. This is the pocket lovers dream! The magnetic front pockets are perfect for quick access to keys and small essentials and the zippered back pocket easily holds a large phone perfectly.  With this bag, there’s no need to switch between a diaper bag and purse. We have combined style with functionality. 

Shaylee Old English Sand

Lily Jade Shaylee Old English Sand

Lily Jade Shaylee Old English Sand

Lily Jade Shaylee Old English Sand

Looking for more info on some of our most loved bags? Check out our bag comparison blog post:

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March 30, 2022 — Sarah Beaugh