Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are a timeless way to celebrate and mark the days of summer. Whether you decide to have a spontaneous afternoon or a planned day of entrepreneurship, here are some helpful ways to think about your own lemonade stand.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

First, comes recipes! This is highly personal for people who like to use their own secret family recipe or have different sweetness preferences. Whatever that balance of citrus to sugar ratio is, find one that works for you. Pinterest is a great resource as well. Also, there is no shame in providing quality premade lemonade. Try to make it 24 hours or less before serving for freshness.


DIY Lemonade Stand

Next comes the set up. You can use a simple table with tablecloth or you can build your very own stand with a few simple instructions. Here we offer some step by step directions with photos so you can easily attempt your own. 

 DIY Lemonade Stand

1. Grab 4 wooden crates and brad nail them together. Wood glue works too if you have the time for it to dry all the way (Facebook Marketplace, Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, or old apple crates work great to find wood crates).

DIY Lemonade Stand2. Find a slab of wood for a counter if you'd like and two wood trim pieces to nail on the side (we found ours in a reject wood pile).

DIY Lemonade Stand

3. Use outdoor sample paint to paint your stand if you'd like.

4. Hang a simple garland or flag pennants to cross the top (ours is from Target).

 Pennant Flag Garland

Don’t forget to advertise! You don’t want your hard work to result in little to no traffic. Post about it on social media, text family and friends, and make signs! Have your kids make flyers and go to the neighbors to let them know ahead of time. With a little planning, your lemonade stand venture can be a success! 

 Summer Lemonade Stand

Neighborhood Lemonade Stand

Some helpful tips to consider:

  • Set up your lemonade stand near a yard sale
  • Have drink dispensers for easy pour
  • Provide cup, straw and napkin holder for customers
  • Consider offering dog treats for cute dog visitors
  • Include sidewalk chalk for kids to draw during downtime
  • Offering homemade jam makes the stand fun
  • Use Lily Jade zip bags for money holders

 Strawberry Lemonade

Lily Jade packing cases

However you decide is right for you to go about setting up, enjoy the time spent with your kids planning, making, and working together to have an afternoon of fun and memories. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and consider even planning a reward trip to the ice cream shop after a long hot summer day!

Sweet Summer Fun

July 19, 2021 — Sarah Beaugh