Easy Breakfast Bowl Bar

It’s the middle of summer and maybe you’re looking for new ideas for breakfast or snacks? Well, we’ve got you covered! If you haven’t already, check out our Family Snack Plate blog post for other ideas as well. 

Easy Breakfast Bowl Bar

This idea brings together the best of all worlds-- ease, health, and fun! As a mom, you can feel good about what your kids are eating when you provide them choices within certain parameters. The fun part is that the kids feel in control of their servings and choices by being allowed to pick their preferences. The easy part comes when you add this into your weekly rotation of breakfasts and no one fusses about not liking something. This can even become a regular option into the school year! 

Easy Breakfast Bowl Bar

We would like to present to you, the Breakfast Bowl Bar. It's similar to an acai bowl except with yogurt and/ or blended frozen fruit. We made this happy mistake once when trying to make smoothies and it came out too thick and we ended up putting it in bowls! 

Easy Breakfast Bowl Bar

The prep is very basic:

  1. Pull out some bowls and spoons
  2. Pull out your favorite tub of yogurt (our favorite yogurt is Greek Gods Honey Vanilla or use plain yogurt, then drizzle honey on top)

**Depending upon the ages of your children, you may either let them serve themselves or you can start their bowl with an appropriate portion and then let them serve their own toppings.

Easy Breakfast Bowl Bar

Easy Breakfast Bowl Bar; yogurt
Granola, Greek Gods Yogurt, berries, bananas, coconut

Just like a banana split or sundae bar, we know the best part of these dishes is the actual toppings! This is the part that is fun for your kiddos to layer on and boost their morning breakfast bowl. For the toppings, put out smaller bowls with some of the following:

  • Granola 
  • Berries 
  • Sliced bananas
  • Sliced seasonal fruit- nectarines, kiwi, or mango 
  • Sliced almonds
  • Dried fruit- raisins, craisins, goji berries, dates, or apricots 
  • Coconut shreds (we love the roasted kind from Trader Joe's)
  • Your favorite nut butter 
  • Mini chocolate chips or cacao nibs 
  • Sprinkles for a fun/ colorful topping 
yogurt bowl with berries

Depending upon your parenting style or your child, you may allow them to mix and match toppings according to their specific tastes or you could stipulate a minimum such as “Please pick at least 3 toppings” knowing that any combination will provide nutritional benefits.

fruit, berries, granola, parfait, acai bowl


breakfast bowl; granola; yogurt; healthy; easy' kid-friendly

This is a simple way to give kids autonomy while ensuring that the options they are given are healthy which leads to a win-win situation! Once you start this fun and easy breakfast option, it may just become a regular part of your weekly routine.

July 26, 2021 — Sarah Beaugh