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Hey Mamas! As we look forward to starting 2021, we wanted to say that we see you. In the spirit of encouragement, we have a FREE printable of Love Notes to share with your children and also, Positive Affirmations for Moms to speak over their kids each day. (see examples below)

One small habit can have huge impacts on our kids and on our days. In this season of transitions-- from Christmas to Cold Winter, from Covid crazy to new school schedules, from uncertainty to certainty and back again--, our co-founder, Meggan Wood, wanted to sit down and send words of love and encouragement out to you wherever you are on the spectrum of transition as we look ahead on beginning 2021 well. 


Dear Friends,

I want to take a moment to encourage you in whatever season of Motherhood that you may find yourself. I know there is so much that goes into daily chores, the keeping of routines and schedules, the intensity of character development, and all of it can feel overwhelming at times. I am right there with you. 

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pregnancy, encouragements for moms, vegan diaper bag, journaling for moms

Maybe you have been experiencing decision fatigue trying to decide the best school situation for your family, or maybe you are dealing with real physical weariness of having your little ones with you all day every day, or maybe you even have emotional exhaustion checking in on neighbors or carrying concern for aging parents. It helps me to remember that Joy is available for you and for me. We aren't guaranteed that life will be perfectly free from trials, pain, anxiety, and more. However, there is a promise that the sun will rise each morning and joy is available to us for the taking! 

pregnancy, motherhood, encouragements for moms, diaper bags, vegan diaper bag,

I believe it starts with thankfulness. It may take some practice, but make a habit of looking for each and every good gift that comes your way. The often overlooked "little things" can bring joy to a thankful heart. Think of the little ways you experience goodness in your day- bear hugs, read aloud time, couch snuggles, words of affirmation, surprise love notes, tickle fights, and bedtime prayers. Motherhood is filled with many sweet gifts and being able to understand the heart of a child is one of them.

pregnancy, encouragements for moms, backpack diaper bag, vegan leather diaper bag

If we have the power to make our homes a haven, we have to remember to breathe deeply ourselves. I know for me, being in nature brings a reset to my heart and mind-- drinking coffee on my back porch, taking a quick walk around the block, going to a coffee shop. You must put your own oxygen mask on first, before you can help others. Don’t feel guilty taking a timeout for yourself during naptime if you need a recharge or reset. Maybe you need to spend the Friday night pizza money to hire a babysitter, so you can get out of the house. Or find a friend or neighbor to exchange afternoons so you can take turns giving each other a break. This isn’t about self-indulgence, this is about carving out moments for you to breathe, so you can joyfully serve your family.

pregnancy, leather diaper bags, verses for moms

During this upside down season, we still have tender affection that is available, free, and much needed as ever. Let's make this an anchor in our homes. Whenever we speak blessing upon our children, we bond closer to them in love, and build up confidence in their love tank. We also know that every small act of mothering is not insignificant. Nothing is ever wasted and it all adds up to good work.

pregnancy, diaper bags, encouragements for moms, backpack diaper bag

 Motherhood is oftentimes unglamorous and challenging. But we also know that Motherhood is not simply a burdensome responsibility but a glory-filled role. Our blog and social media community is a place to receive encouragement, to receive hope in your journey of motherhood, to affirm your role as mom, and to affirm your role as a woman. We are forever thrilled you are joining us here!

Here’s to finding joy in the journey of motherhood!

Meggan (Co-founder and designer of Lily Jade)

Lily Jade, women owned business, leather diaper bag, encouragements for moms

**Just a reminder, click here for your Daily Affirmations list for you to print off and use throughout your days and weeks, and we also have Love Notes you can print off, cut out, and leave for your child to find or include in a lunchbox. Enjoy!

January 11, 2021 — Meggan Wood